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Book Collection(s) for Queer Families

Kirsanov I put this together as a “page” over in our sidebar as well as here as a post. It is not meant to be exhaustive, but I’m also happy to add to it. (Most likely in a slowly-but-surely manner, much like the rest of this site.)

Books / News from the community

Weekend Reading: More on Non-Bio Momhood

Following up on Lesbian Dad’s post Friday, I wanted to point out some other bloggers who have been talking about how it feels when you consider yourself a mother, but it’s your partner that’s pregnant or the one who gave birth. Sarah at Journey of a Co-Mom de-briefs us on […]

News & Politics

Non-bio Mothers in Utah Beware

The Utah Supreme Court handed down their opinion on Jones v. Barlow today. The case involves Keri Jones and Cheryl Barlow.  The two women conceived a child via a.i. and then when the child was 2, their relationship ended.  Barlow now claims that she is no longer gay and doesn’t want her child exposed […]