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Connections Across the Lifespan: New Research

Two recent studies demonstrate the significance of our connections with our families of origin, and also those families that we choose.

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Improving our Collective Mental Health by Remembering our Collective Past

We queers have a long and storied history, much of which has been buried, disposed of, forgotten, or never recorded in the first place. Sordid underground affairs carried out in the dark of night to protect the participants from violence and hate have given way to legal marriage and an […]

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Why Pride?

After 20 years, why is Pride still important?

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Health disparities in the LGBT community

The LGBT community faces health disparities in both access to health care and quality of health care. We confront stigma from health care providers who may not understand our health concerns, or who may be too distracted by our sexuality or gender expression to be able to focus on our presenting concerns.

Jewish American Bullies
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Jewish American Bullies

When I was 12 years old, I attended a high-priced sleepaway camp in the Poconos for ├╝ber-wealthy Jewish kids from Long Island and the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Activities included go-karting, horsebackriding, waterskiing and ziplining. The parents that didn’t arrive in Jaguars and Mercedes on visiting day landed their […]