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REVIEW: ‘I Am Harvey Milk’ at Lincoln Center’s Avery Fisher Hall

The seemingly universal queer experiential themes of brokenness, loss, and self-loathing are explored in Lippa’s breathtaking oratorio.

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Improving our Collective Mental Health by Remembering our Collective Past

We queers have a long and storied history, much of which has been buried, disposed of, forgotten, or never recorded in the first place. Sordid underground affairs carried out in the dark of night to protect the participants from violence and hate have given way to legal marriage and an […]

VQ Comes Out: Not so much “out” as “are”

VQ Comes Out: Not so much “out” as “are”

It’s VQ Comes Out: our week-long series honoring National Coming Out Day and LGBT History month. Susan’s story involves … Women’s Studies! And a little epistemology. How do you come out when you are out? ~ The Editors [hr] When did you come out (or how many times, if it’s been a multilayered process)? […]