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VillageQ Community: IVF to Mommyhood

buy Gabapentin canada We are keen for our children to experience the joys of being a part of our family. We can’t wait for our child go for Sunday lunch and family meals out all together!

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VillageQ Community: The Sweetest Sweetness I know

We are too often the only queer family in whatever space we occupy. While this has not led to overt discrimination or even much detectable tension, it is a significant internal challenge.

The kids were flower girls in the wedding of some friends about a  
month ago (May 2015) Pictured: Shannon, Cole, Selina and Nat AFTER the  
wedding reception ice cream truck had arrived.
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VillageQ Community: Homeschooler and Fretter

Meet Shannon and her family who split their time between Chicago and Urbana, Illinois.

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VillageQ Community: On Divorcing and Finding Empathy

It’s challenging to be a blogger (and a person) going through a divorce. I don’t want to spew my bitterness all over or over-share, but I also resent the pressure to publicly do the “conscious uncoupling” thing.

Amelia's first adventure.
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VillageQ Community: Hola from Argentina

I think it’s harder for LGBT people in small towns, especially for those in northern Argentina. Nonetheless, I think it’s amazing how everything changed after the approval of same-sex marriage. If you asked me 5 or 6 years ago, I couldn’t have imagined it would be like this.

Wedding Shoes
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VillageQ Community: Creating a Family in Toronto

Hello Mama and Maman! Welcome to VillageQ. I love this interview— I know, I say that a lot, but it is true every time. I love this interview because of how willing Mama and Maman were to talk about their struggle with infertility and the loss they have faced (something that too […]

The Adoption Process
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The Adoption Process

Dawn and Holly live in Arizona. Most of the local adoption agencies are not gay friendly, so they really had to expand their search.

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VillageQ Community: Growing As They Blog

Meet Kate and Sharon, parents to be from Brighton, East Sussex.

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VillageQ Community: Creating Family through Adoption

We have noticed that with a child, and especially one with Down syndrome and many medical issues, we do feel like we are constantly coming out.

Diverse and Beautiful: Welcome to the VillageQ Directory
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Diverse and Beautiful: Welcome to the VillageQ Directory

Welcome to these new additions to the VillageQ directory!