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It’s doodling time!

It’s doodling time!

Since I’m at a congress 550 miles away from home and I terribly miss my partner, today I will post some drawings she made for the “playroom” section of the lesmadres Website. You can download a version to print for kids (or adults!) to color by clicking on the thumbnails […]

Actual Lesbian Bloggers
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Actual Lesbian Bloggers

In light of the recent revelations that a number of high profile “lesbian” bloggers are actually married, heterosexual men — I would like to take a moment to assure you that Polly, aka LesbianDad, and I are actual lesbians. Our identities are not fake. Neither are our families. I recently […]


Book Collection(s) for Queer Families

I put this together as a “page” over in our sidebar as well as here as a post. It is not meant to be exhaustive, but I’m also happy to add to it. (Most likely in a slowly-but-surely manner, much like the rest of this site.)

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Married? Partnered? Girlfriended?

I’ve been thinking a lot about the language we use to describe our relationships. Back in 2003, before the Massachusetts Supreme Court declared that same-sex couples could marry, and before Mayor Newsom opened the San Francisco wedding floodgates, I always used the terms married and wife when I talked about […]

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The “bloggeras”: Lesbian Family with a latin twist

(En español abajo) So, I wanted to have some great post for my first post since joining the team (guest post aside). So I started thinking about what I could talk about—after all, I neither currently have children nor am I in the process of making them or planning them. […]