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From Israel: Trust Me

safe website to buy accutane The matzav scares me. It seems too overwhelming to overcome. Yet I refuse to surrender to despair.

Invoking God’s Name in Vain: a Personal Update from Israel
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Invoking God’s Name in Vain: a Personal Update from Israel

Living in Israel has been especially depressing this past month. Kidnappings. Murders. Bombs. Sirens. Air strikes. Demonstrations. Threats of ground troops. I have sworn off Facebook for the moment, after seeing my news feed overrun by messages laced with judgment, fear, rage, self-righteousness, and more. Although my family and I […]

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Standing on my neighbors’ shoulders

What would it be like to live in a time and a place when difference did not raise an eyebrow? Where it is no longer headline news for yet another state or country gives legal recognition to LGBT families. Where we no longer cringe at stories of LGBT women and men at home and around the world being arrested, beaten or sacrificed on the altars of fear and conformity. Where it is no longer considered “brave” or “courageous” to simply be.