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Louis XIV enfant assis sur un trône à côté de sa mère est entouré de trois figures allégoriques la Justice, la Vérité et la Paix

Stop judging me!

cheap prednisone 20mg On my personal blog, I already ranted about the adults who thought it was appropriate to chastise my husband and me for our daughter’s crying on a long-haul plane flight.  I won’t rehash all the details here; you can read about it through the link and leave me some much-needed […]

The Fosters Roundtable: Premiere Week
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The Fosters Roundtable: Premiere Week

Spoiler alert-o-rama! We’ll be dishing, dicing, slicing, and debating the new ABC Family drama The Fosters each week, and it’ll be no holds barred! So read no further if you want to watch the show and actually be surprised by what happens! And then come back, read up, and join […]