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How to Talk to Your Kids About St. Patrick’s Day
Family / Parenting

How to Talk to Your Kids About St. Patrick’s Day After purging his closet of all cotton-poly blends, Roger has reached a conclusion regarding How to Talk to Your Kids about St. Patrick’s Day.

Home for the Holigays
Extended family / Family

Home for the Holigays How do people in the LGBT community feel about going home during the holiday season?

Better to Receive: How the Holidays Taught Me to Take What My Husband Gives
Life / Sex & relationships

Better to Receive: How the Holidays Taught Me to Take What My Husband Gives

He gives, I receive. Those are our strengths, our talents. That’s what makes our planet spin.

Make the Yuletide Gay
Identity / Life

Make the Yuletide Gay

‘Tis the season for family togetherness! Here are five ways to queer it up and make the yuletide gay!

The VillageQ UnShopping Guide

The VillageQ UnShopping Guide

With the winter holidays on the horizon and non-stop reminders to buy and give, I planned to put together VillageQ Guide to Holiday Shopping, highlighting corporations and brands that deserve the support of LGBTQ families. The truth is, though, that’s an awfully tough thing to do. As LGBTQ people, many of us […]

Zoom Vacations celebrates Thanksgiving with our annual trip to Peru, with Thanksgiving dinner in a private colonial mansion.

Thanksgiving Around the World

Gratitude is celebrates around the world in many different ways.

Grief & loss

7 Tips to Surviving the Holidays after Heartbreak

In addition to twice-weekly yoga classes and my fledgling meditation practice, I’ve found these seven simple actions have a surprisingly powerful impact on my mood.

A Story and a Cocktail
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A Story and a Cocktail

Some of my most vivid memories from my childhood are from my parents’ annual Christmas eve party. My mother would spend the weeks before the party decorating the inside of the house while my dad focused on the outside. On Christmas eve day, they would work side by side in […]

Family / Grief & loss

Grief for the holidays

Last Saturday night, dozens of friends, neighbors, and family gathered ‘round our piano for a holiday caroling party.  We’ve held one every year since we moved into our home, but this year, I kept myself busy in the kitchen, and sang not one note.  Every year since we moved into […]

Silent morning, holy morning
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Silent morning, holy morning

Every morning I wake up at six o’clock, half an hour before my wife and kids. I stumble – yes, there’s actual stumbling involved – out to the kitchen, toward the coffee maker that’s lit up like a friend, having timer-brewed my morning cup. I pour the steaming ounces into a […]