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In the Wake of Marriage Equality: What Next?

Pico Rivera It’s worth remembering that we couldn’t have achieved marriage equality without allies. After all, it wasn’t through Jesus’ will that we obtained marriage equality and it wasn’t planetary alignment.

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The Vulnerability of Marriage Equality

These days, there seems to be an overabundance of cynicism, misinformation, and apathy when it comes to American politics. I often hear people—gays and gay allies included—claim that there’s no difference between the Democrats and Republicans, and I frequently see Facebook posts or comments suggesting the same. And they make […]

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Marriage Equality in Ireland is Bad for Minorities in the World

Should we praise a government for allowing the people to vote on the rights of a minority so that they didn’t have to answer to any disenfranchised or angry constituents?

The Marriage Tradition Fable
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The Marriage Tradition Fable

Gay marriage opponents can try to brush arguments aside, but the truth is that marriage has evolved and continues to evolve.

What My Kids Have Taught Me About Homophobia
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What My Kids Have Taught Me About Homophobia

“Another child victim of biological engineering!” An anti-gay protestor shouted this at my then four-year-old son K-bird and me, as we were walking up the stairs into the California Supreme Court building in San Francisco, heading to one of the many Proposition 8-related hearings. In the reflections on the glass […]

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Married? Partnered? Girlfriended?

I’ve been thinking a lot about the language we use to describe our relationships. Back in 2003, before the Massachusetts Supreme Court declared that same-sex couples could marry, and before Mayor Newsom opened the San Francisco wedding floodgates, I always used the terms married and wife when I talked about […]