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DIY: melted crayon art
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DIY: melted crayon art

where to buy antabuse online Over Christmas, my daughter received a melted crayon art piece for her room. Not only is it a great playful addition to a toddler’s room, it adds a splash of color and was a lot of fun for the teenage family member to make! I thought some do-it-at-home art was […]

Blogs: the solution to weather
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Blogs: the solution to weather

Nūrābād Does the polar vortex have you locked inside? Are you in the southern hemisphere experience gut wrenching heat without a powerful enough AC?  VillageQ has the answer:  new blogs to read!  So, snuggle in with your electronic device of choice and enjoy these new listings.  Don’t for get to check […]

Coke and Chevy step up with LGBTQ families in Olympics ads
News & Politics

Coke and Chevy step up with LGBTQ families in Olympics ads

If you’ve been watching the Olympics and paying attention to the commercials, you’ll have seen a few signs that is hasn’t just been President Obama, Billie Jean King, and LGBTQ activists transmitting messages  about LGBTQ people and families.  I wasn’t watching – got no cable, plus, unlike some of my […]

TGIF Video: Another reason to love Candians
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TGIF Video: Another reason to love Candians

Today, the Google doodle gives up an Olympic rainbow with the following text below: “The practice of sport is a human right. Every individual must have the possibility of practicing sport, without discrimination of any kind and in the Olympic spirit, which requires mutual understanding with a spirit of friendship, […]

Tiger's Nest in Bhutan
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Meditation for your vacation

With this post we welcome new VQ contributor Bryan Herb, your personal guide to queer travel! Look for him here monthly to entice you and your family to stop gathering moss and roll out into the wide world, with pro tips that only a travel company founder who’s circumnavigated the […]

Maybe it's me on the phone. Maybe it isn't.  You'll never know.
Sex & relationships

Perks of same-sex relationships

Here at VillageQ, we don’t recruit. We don’t need to: we figure that our collective awesomeness is enough to pull those of you who might have been hovering over to the Q side without us having to do any real work. That said, I do want to point out one […]

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The Fosters: Family Day (Episode 14)

Spoiler alert-o-rama!  These weekly rundowns are your place for queer family banter about the new ABC Family show The Fosters, and they’re chock-a-block with SPOILERY content.  You’ve been warned! Episode synopsis: Stef and Lena visit Callie; Jude must decide if he wants to be a part of the Foster family. First aired: Feb 3, […]

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Sean could not save Sean Saves the World

NBC will not continue to produce Sean Saves the World. Before Sean Saves the World aired, I doubted. I didn’t doubt there would be some funny lines and perhaps even a bit of chortle-worthy slapstick given Sean Hayes’s comedic talent, but I doubted the impact the show would have. In […]

Patricial Charbonneau 's Cay busts a move on Helen Shaver's Vivian in Desert Hearts. [PHOTO CREDIT: DONNA DEITCH]
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Desert Hearts: Still Sapphic Bliss

In the last installment of Queer-View Mirror, I shared my experience of watching my coming-out movie, Desert Hearts, in 15-minute increments, and simultaneously feeling the door to my own personal closet flying off its hinges. I was 16 years old then, and naturally, it became my favorite film. But recently […]

TGIF: Kids are kids

TGIF: Kids are kids

​​I love being part of this queer parenting site. I love being around other queer parents. I love being able to say, without explaining. I love the community and the support and being part of the cool club. I love learning to help people redirect those innocent yet oh so inappropriate […]