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TGIF Video: LGBT and Undocumented

TGIF Video: LGBT and Undocumented As many of you know, the recent immigration reform legislation before the congress excluded the Uniting American Families act, which seeks to [per Wikipedia]: eliminate discrimination in immigration by permitting permanent partners of United States citizens and of lawful permanent residents to obtain lawful permanent resident status in the same manner as spouses of citizens and […]

2012 rocked! (Highlights in Argentina’s path to equality)
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2012 rocked! (Highlights in Argentina’s path to equality)

I realized this is my last post in 2012. I wanted to make a video with this year’s highlights but so many things happened that it’s taking way longer than I expected so I decided to pick the best moment in 2012. I’ve mentioned a loophole in same-sex marriage laws […]

Our Books, Our Selves
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Our Books, Our Selves

The recent New York Times article about the lack of children’s literature by and about Latinos rang familiar to me. I have always had to do some extra homework to find media that featured characters that look like me – and now that I am raising children, I’m even more […]

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News from Latin America and a Bienvenida

I have been updating the Spanish blogs– I would like to welcome A. Daniela, a Chilean couple in search of their first child and to create community in Chile for lesbian mothers. Also, if you want LGBT news (in English) of the happenings in Latin America check out Julieta‘s new […]

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Here are some new (or better said, just found blogs): Mamas Lesbianas a partir de los 42 años: about a couple and their adopted daughter Adopcion nacional:  about two able-bodied adult white women in Spain who have one daughter with a disability adopted internationally and who are trying to adopt […]