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Where the Boys Are (Hint: My House)

My then-partner/now-husband and I, having tried over and over and harder and harder to conceive an offspring in the traditional manner (it was simply grueling, I tell you), finally gave up the ghost and decided to adopt somebody via the good graces of the New Jersey State Foster System.

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Unsportsmanlike Conduct

I am the manager of my younger son’s soccer team. (Quit that sniggering, you.) I am the manager and not the coach because, well, it’s like this. The role of coach entails instructing the kids in strategy and game play, making on-the-field calls, demonstrating and supervising drills and practice sessions, […]

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Dads – They’re Not Just for Babysitting Anymore

It was a little joke that a dad was so inessential to his child’s day-to-day life that when the kid was in his care, it was as though he was “babysitting.”