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Queer Voices on Mother’s Day

order Gabapentin canada It’s Mother’s Day on Sunday in the United States, and we want to tip our hats to all the VillageQ mothers out there. We hope that whatever you’re doing, you feel special doing it – even if it means that you have to make your own breakfast because your kids […]

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Coming Out: Still Scary After All These Years

My hope is that Rabbi Steinlauf’s brave revelation will not only inspire youth to have hope, but will move parents to fully embrace their children and to recognize that an honest path is a righteous one, and ultimately the only one worth living, even if it isn’t the one they had planned for them.

Which Disney Princess Would You Do?
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Which Disney Princess Would You Do?

Ever play the game Ginger vs. Mary Ann, where you have to choose which Gilligan’s Island character you’d rather get with? That was never an easy call for me. I dug Ginger’s whole insatiable nympho thing, but she lacked in the substance area. Mary Ann seemed like a solid person, […]

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Queer-View Mirror: Concussion

Concussion, a Rose Troche (Go Fish, L-Word, Six Feet Under) film that debuted at Sundance last year and won a GLAAD Media Award this past weekend, follows the story of Abby Abelman (Robin Weigert, Deadwood, The Good German), a 40-something lesbian living with her workaholic, divorce-lawyer wife, Kate, and their […]

The Five Gayest Things about The Ten Commandments
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The Five Gayest Things about The Ten Commandments

This week I thought about how much more fun it would be to sit around the flat screen with some obnoxious gay friends, pointing out all the obviously queer subtext. Sadly, I’ve never had the opportunity to do that. So, herewith, for fun, and to distract me from my low-carb starvation, are the top five reasons The Ten Commandments should have been included in The Celluloid Closet.

Queer-View Mirror: Really Gay-ifying Disney
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Queer-View Mirror: Really Gay-ifying Disney

Some say Disney is trying to normalize homosexuality but C.J. thinks Disney hasn’t gone far enough. Enough of this subtext business. Let’s see some out and proud animated girls and boys taking back their lives. Let’s remake those Disney films and turn that subtext into actual text.

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Nostalgic for gayer Oscar’s past

This Sunday night, millions of gay viewers around the globe will tune in to the 86th Academy Awards to see if the one queer-themed film nominated this year, Dallas Buyers Club, will win any of the host of awards it is up for, including Best Film, Best Actor (Matthew McConaughey), […]

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Eating Out with the French

It’s a simple story of first love. Girl meets boy. Girl is disenchanted. Girl meets girl. Girl goes down on girl—many, many times. Girl loses girl. Simple in some respects, perhaps, but the experience of Blue is chockfull of the delicious complexity of awakening, first love, first loss, coming of […]

Where is the Outrage Over India?
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Where is the Outrage Over India?

Love is, once again, a criminal activity in India. On Tuesday, India’s highest court restored an insane colonial-era law banning consensual sex between members of the same gender and making it a crime punishable by up to 10 years in prison. In its ruling, the Supreme Court Justices tossed out […]

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Lessons in Transphobia

Driving my seven-year-old to art class this last week, we saw someone walking by on the sidewalk whose gender appeared to be ambiguous. When we passed by, my daughter asked: “Was that a boy or a girl?” “You know, I don’t know. Maybe a boy or a girl. Or maybe […]