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The Boy Scouts: Honor, Credo, or Oxymoron The Boys Scouts of America flagrantly recruits hairless, prepubescent males into their uniform-wearing, male-bonding, rubbing-two-sticks-together-in-the-woods lifestyle.

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Disney shows it’s a gay world after all

I’m so grateful when high-profile companies make it clear that it’s not mutually exclusive to be family-friendly and LGBT-friendly. Disney is a leader in family oriented companies that demonstrate it’s possible to be pro-equality and pro-kids and here are ten reasons why.

The Boy Scouts Can Kiss My Seat Warmers
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The Boy Scouts Can Kiss My Seat Warmers

When I was a kid, I had no interest in becoming a Girl Scout.  My mother didn’t encourage or discourage membership either, but around the time that so many of the girls in my class began to show up at school in their patch-filled uniforms, my parents announced that Dad […]