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VQ comes out: Feeling like Judas

VQ comes out: Feeling like Judas Next up for VQ Comes Out – our series honoring National Coming Out Day and LGBT History month winds down as Clare shares her story – from Drama Club to straight prom dates to coming out as queer while married to a man. ~ The Editors [hr]  How many times have you come out? […]

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Looking for a bookend (Meet the newest VQ blog listings)

Old friends, memory brushes the same years, silently sharing the same fears ~ Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel, “Old Friends” Isn’t it funny how the internet has changed our patterns of friendship?  Now, instead of hoping to find someone with similar interests in a class or at a job or […]

Getting Bi
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Getting Bi

So what do you do when you’re at Pride, and the people at the next organization’s table are also your neighbors* — the neighbors that abuse their dogs? What if they’re the sole souls at the “Republicans for Equality” table? What if your four-year-old won’t stop playing with their kids, […]