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On sleeplessness and surrogacy
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On sleeplessness and surrogacy

Tiraspolul This post is brought to you by insomnia. I was awake from two-ish until well past four-ish last night, as was my partner, with our two children making guest appearances in our little show of sleeplessness. In some ways, it was good that they both needed resettling around four: I […]

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The Hazards of Being the Biological Mother

Really live in the fact that, while you can see the beauty of your own child, you also see all the terrible things you’ve passed along, as well. . Just a random thought I had this morning. No reason at all. Certainly not because of my daughter sobbing that she […]


Book Collection(s) for Queer Families

I put this together as a “page” over in our sidebar as well as here as a post. It is not meant to be exhaustive, but I’m also happy to add to it. (Most likely in a slowly-but-surely manner, much like the rest of this site.)


Don’t know nothin’ ’bout biology

Okay so the fifties doo-wop tune actually said “geography,” rather than “biology.” But it gets us started. Today I wanted to draw your attention to a great, pithy post by Trista, one of the contributors to this forum. Her piece, Advice to Bio Moms, is a great catalyst for thought […]


Have two, use none

Trista’s recent post about negotiating childbearing in a 2-uterus family reminded me so much of many of the conversations my wife, NSG, and I had the first few years we were together. Like Trista and Kristin, NSG and I wanted to adopt. And like Kristin, I really wanted to get […]