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Disconnecting to Connect: Balancing Technology and Family
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Disconnecting to Connect: Balancing Technology and Family After a while, I realized that all of this attention to electronics was making me miss my children.

My girls sleeping
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Just like you start to look like your dog, after nearly 20 years we are starting to look like each other.

What Do We Do with the Last Vial of Sperm?
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What Do We Do with the Last Vial of Sperm?

The sperm bank called to ask what we want to do with our remaining vial of sperm. Do we want another child? Some days, yes. Most days, no.

The elusive sleeping babies

Adjusting to Life with Newborn Twins (or Love in the Time of Unwashed Hair)

When they were first born and home from the NICU, I commented to my spouse about how I didn’t think having twins was all that hard. “Just like have a second child,” I remarked. Now, I am calling my own bullshit.


Marriage Equality Comes to North Carolina

We went to a BBQ, saw some old friends, watched a HUGE bonfire and became legally married in our home state 10 years, 4 months and 19 days after we were married in Massachusetts.

Trying to Conceive and Resiliency
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Trying to Conceive and Resiliency

Trying to conceive is a lot like falling backwards down a set of stairs. Some people are able to stop themselves right after they begin falling, some in the middle of the flight and some free fall.

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The Slightest of Breezes

Today was a beautiful day in Western North Carolina. The sun was shining high in the sky, about 70 degrees. The daffodils are already in bloom. The robins are foraging in my yard. I took note of the slight breeze as I walked into my lawyer’s office to discuss suing my wife.