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The Vulnerability of Marriage Equality These days, there seems to be an overabundance of cynicism, misinformation, and apathy when it comes to American politics. I often hear people—gays and gay allies included—claim that there’s no difference between the Democrats and Republicans, and I frequently see Facebook posts or comments suggesting the same. And they make […]

Underage Drinking: Advice for Parents
Kids / Parenting

Underage Drinking: Advice for Parents

In my experience, the more alcohol is prohibited, fetishized and viewed as forbidden fruit, the greater the likelihood that kids will abuse alcohol.

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Kids / Parenting

Send Your Kids Outside

Americans seem to have decided that winter is a chore but here’s why you should send your kids out in the snow.

Farmer's markets often offer more variety and fresher produce than grocery stores.
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Reasons to Shop at Farmers Markets

Are farmers markets a silly trend for yuppies and foodies, or the best place to buy fruits and vegetables?