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Enjoying champagne with our group on the Great wall of China

The Economics of Group Touring My boyfriend taught me an expression that he says is very popular in his native country of Bulgaria. It is “I am not rich enough to buy cheap things” which is a little like our “you get what you pay for.” Essentially, often when we skimp on things, we end […]

Parenting Everyday Heartbreak
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Parenting Everyday Heartbreak

Most parents, when faced with big challenges, know what to do and say to help their kids but what about the everyday heartbreak?

Grief & loss

7 Tips to Surviving the Holidays after Heartbreak

In addition to twice-weekly yoga classes and my fledgling meditation practice, I’ve found these seven simple actions have a surprisingly powerful impact on my mood.

Make your resolutions reality
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Make your resolutions reality

Over the past few weeks, I have been taking a leadership training. One of the trainers was fond of asking us, “What is the difference between a goal and a New Year’s resolution?” Given that I had the question answered for me many times by that same trainer, I am […]