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Some Good News

can i buy Gabapentin in mexico As I’m catching up on blogs… (Who am I kidding? I’m never caught up) I thought I’d share a few pieces of happy news from the past month in the┬álesbianfamily blogosphere.

If you’re not on here and you should be, please comment, and I’ll update:


The Muriels welcomed Charlotte Kathleen on September 26. Congratulations!

On the Way:

Thwarted Repeatedly got her wife pregnant!

Infertile Pediatrician is pregnant… and so is her partner… with twins!

There are more twins on the way at RaJen Creation.

Mommies in the making are in the making for real now!

Mommy Too is to be a mommy.

And the dos in dos mamas is expecting!

I updated the TTC category, so if you asked to have your blog on there, you should be. Sometime maybe I’ll get to the other categories…

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  1. The image of the child on the swing is so sweet and special. I just love all the positive & diverse images of our community on here!

    BTW: This is exactly the type of imagery we are looking for in our photography contributors.

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