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VillageQ Community: Single Mom by Choice

Next up on the VillageQ community series, I have the pleasure of introducing Lindsay and her adorable little girl Evelyn. Confession: I love the name Evelyn, and I relate to every single word that Lindsay said— well, except I am not in Canada and it was not my choice to be a single mom. Still. Such a cute family.    

Do you like these glimpses into people’s lives?  Participate!  For more info, email me at Name: Lindsay Curtis

Rohri Age: 35

Hometown: Toronto

Social media handles: Instagram: lindsayandevie

Number and ages of kids: Evelyn, 2.5 years old

Number of pets: 0

Day job: Communications Specialist

Relationship status: Single

Favorite children’s book: The Pout Pout Fish

Favorite flavor of ice cream: Peanut butter chocolate

How did you create your family?

I am a single mom by choice, meaning I embarked on the journey of parenthood on my own. I worked with a known sperm donor to conceive my daughter. It took four months of at-home inseminations before I became pregnant. My daughter’s donor no longer lives in Toronto, but we frequently keep in touch, and we Skype once every few weeks so my daughter can grow up knowing who he is.

What is it like for queer parents/ couples in your city/country?

Being a queer parent in Toronto is just like being a non-queer parent. No one bats an eye at the fact that I am a single, lesbian mom. I feel privileged to live in a place where queer parents are not only accepted by the community but embraced.

Who else provides childcare? It takes a village. Who’s in yours?

As a solo parent, my village is central to my survival and sanity. My daughter Evelyn attends a daycare/preschool on weekdays when I’m at work. On weekends, I have a couple amazing babysitters who look after Evelyn when I need some kid-free time.

My best friend and her partner live up the street, and other close friends of mine are only a 5-minute walk away and are able to help when needed. My family lives 6 hours away in Pennsylvania (where I was born and raised), so they – my mom in particular – provide emotional support, which is just as important as the physical support!

What did your parents do well that you want to emulate?

My mom never passed up an opportunity to tell her kids she loved us. She did this through both her words and actions. My family is openly affectionate and generous with demonstrations of love. I wish to emulate that.

Describe your favorite family moment.

My favorite family moment comes every Sunday morning when my daughter and I can start the day off slowly, without any obligations or schedule rushing us. We snuggle in my bed, watch cartoons, read books, and share a lot of giggles.


Photo by Lindsay

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  1. Thank you thank you thank you for sharing your family with us!

  2. Thank you for featuring me, VillageQ!

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