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I’m sure most of us have friends and family members who are wonderfully supportive of our families, but if you are ever feeling stressed out or shit on about being a lesbian family, read this post.

It’s a fabulous post from the latest addition to the Friend of the Family blogroll, Disney Wonder Baby, on why she “totally support[s] lesbian mothers.” It’s hilarious, and sweet, and so so supportive. Thanks, DWB!

  1. Thank you for adding me to the family. Please note that I will not get drunk at Thanksgiving and cause a scene at the dinner table. NOr will I pitch a fit when Christmas is hosted at your house instead of mine this year then sulk around and ruin the holiday for everyone else. I won’t drag it out in court when the matriarch of the family dies and doesn’t leave me the good china. As far as family members go, I’m a pretty easy going one. However, I cannot cook so expect that I will always bring chips and dip to all potluck family gatherings. 😉

  2. Good! We can always use less drama and more chips & dip. In fact, I think Jen & Cait at (I tried to link it but WP keeps inserting strange things into the URL, so I give up) had a whole series of posts about the wild popularity chips & dip at parties. (And they are very much the healthy types, as far as I can tell. With the possible exception of chips & dip.)

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