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Here’s a visual departure from the prose entries in the Lawfully Wedded Life series: a series of YouTube proposals.  Because before there’s Wedded Life, there’s (usually) a proposal. Consider these fun prequels.  

Do you have a story to tell about marriage, marriage equality, or the lack thereof? Submit yours here. We’ll be running the series through the SCOTUS marriage equality decision(s), expected late June 2013.

Y’all youngins are probably accustomed to this genre: the video proposal, and its variants, the video proposal using online media and/ or social sharing. But it was a revelation to me, who taped my “proposal” on the bathroom mirror. It was a print out of the online reservation to get our license from the city of San Francisco. Plus a rose from our garden.

On YouTube you’ll find an ocean (or at least a Great Lake) full of lesbian proposal videos. Below are just a few.


Poland she proposed to me

Porshia McKinley has a YouTube channel which includes not just the proposal below, but gorgeous montages of their engagement and wedding, as well as footage of their baby’s first steps. You absolutely have to watch the little girl to Breanna’s left when Breanna drops to one knee and starts to pop the question to Porshia. This footage is in low light, but the montages on Porshia’s YouTube channel are beautiful. Try not to resent how photogenic they both are. And also? They’re married. To each other. Also they have a kid. Which means neither is available. In case I have to spell that out.


Operation Say Yes

Kaaaizig (her YouTube moniker), pictured at right in the freeze-frame below, showed her sweetie this video, and then popped the question after it finished. And yes. She said yes.


Apple Proposal

Julie, the gal proposing, works at the Apple store in Peabody, MA, or at least did when she popped the question. She had Tiffany, her sweetie, watch this video on a monitor at the store:

And this is the footage of what happened. All that fellow Apple-employee love makes you just want to dart out and purchase (yet more) Apple products. Okay maybe just me.


Best Gratitude Flash Mob Proposal Ever

Jo Englesson, founder of Gratitude Training, asked the community around her to help her propose to her partner Arian. Watch what they did and do not feel bad if you didn’t or couldn’t ever pull off a proposal anything like this. Just feel warm and runny knowing that somewhere in the world (South Florida, I believe), someone, with the help of a few friends, did.

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  1. OMG. Each of these is more amazing then the last. Thank you for sharing. What a powerful message of love. Who could not see that when watching these!!!!!

  2. Totally cried through every video. Love is so beautiful.

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