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VQ Sex Ed: The one about vibrators

Sex EducationVQ Sex Ed is back after a long hiatus. The series will run monthly from here on out provided y’all submit some questions. If you missed the first installment that gave general tips, you should check that out.

Today, I give some advice on what to do when your kids find your vibrator. Spoiler Alert: I think you should tell them what you do with it but take their lead on how much you tell them.

Have a question about talking to your kids about sex? Submit them here and I’ll try to help you out. Remember – the questions are anonymous!





  1. Great answer! I’ve struggled with answering that question to my 4 year old who was ransacking my bedside table with his little sister (toys are now kept above the reach of my two under 5). At the time I just said “that’s Mummy’s”. I kind of wish I’d said something more concrete, but it was what I had at the time.

  2. So. At hippie church (Unitarian Universalists), they’ve decided the fifth graders should start the Our Whole Lives curriculum (sex ex). We had to go to orientation, my daughter and I, but when we got there, they split us up, kids and adults. When Abby left the room she said to me, “Good luck with that.”

    What I heard in the adult orientation shocked me. Like, SHOCKED me. Which was apparently obvious, because when the kids came back, Abby said to me, “Mom. Are you okay?”

    Driving away, Abby took a deep breath from the backseat and said this: “Mom. I want you to know that if you feel awkward talking to me about sex, I will feel awkward asking you questions. So, you know . . . can you, kinda, get it together?”

    All of this to say, God love you, Vikki Reich. You’re absolutely right, as usual, and I will watch every single episode of Sex Ed. I really, really need the help. Apparently.

  3. Does this mean we’re gonna have to buy a vibrator?

  4. nicky douglas says:

    I know I’m VERY late reading this but my comments are (a) it was very interesting to read because I’m waiting for the day to come and (b) I tell my 6 year old daughter EVERYTHING (well within reason!) and tell my 5 year old son NOTHING (within reason). I know many of you are thinking ‘how wrong’ but it seems to work.

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