SalonLGBTQ: Like Xanadu but Queer



It’s already September and you know what’s after September? That’s right – October!

I love October because I love cooler temperatures and colorful leaves and pumpkins and jackets and boots. I probably should have mentioned apples and/or apple cider too but I don’t like them. However, if apples and cider are your thing then go back, read the sentence again and include apples. I don’t want the apple lovers staging a coup de blog.

This October, there is another thing to love – SalonLGBTQ – the first national social media conference for the LGBTQ community, held in Atlanta, October 17-19. This conference will bring together bloggers and activists and artists and storytellers and business people and more!

So why should you go?

Well, check out the speakers that have been announced, including VillageQ’s own Susan Goldberg, Polly Pagenhart, Sandra Telep, and Casey Carey-Brown. There may even be a couple other VQ staffers still to be announced! It will be informative and inspiring and I’m not even speaking in hyperbole.

I could tell you about all the topics that will be covered and what you might learn but, honestly, the number one reason to go to a conference like this is the people.

When I went to my first blogging conference, I slept with Polly. I mean we slept in the same bed! I can’t promise that you’ll get to sleep with Polly but the point is that we spent time together and rekindled an old friendship. I also met Deborah at that first conference and now she is one of my closest friends. Then came Susan and Casey and many, many other people. Meeting people that you have known and/or admired online is powerful and can change your life in unpredictable and profound ways. It has changed mine – I went from being an unhappy social worker to being a happy, underemployed writer! Wait – that might not be the right angle.

Conferences in general deepen your existing connections and build new ones which can have a surprising impact on your life but imagine what an LGBTQ conference would be like. With all those talented LGBTQ people in one place, the energy will be incredible.

That’s why I’ll be there and that’s why I hope  you’ll join us at SalonLGBTQ, October 17 – 19 in Atlanta. VQ readers are offered a special $100 discount on registration: just enter the code “family.”  And if you do join us in Atlanta this October, please say “hello” to these monkeys!



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  1. I can’t wait to see, hear and smell–wait, that’s not right–all of you and the rest of your community there.

  2. You know I love those apples! I really can’t wait to get down to Atlanta and conference with all of you, and sleep with some of you.

    Also: trick question of the day: how did Deborah manage to take that photograph when both her hands are covering her eyes? She’s so smart!

    • Didn’t you keep trying to give me an apple in Chicago? I think you have an apple agenda!

      As for your trick question – STOP TEASING ME or I’ll start making fun of the way you talk.

      As for the conference, save me dances on your dance card.

  3. I do have an Apple agenda. I am the Johnny Appleseed of the dyke world, or something like that. That said, I have no recollection of trying to get you to eat any apples in Chicago, although I think I did insist on having some handy in NYC. And Faiqa ate them.

    Any dance you want, baby. (And, ahem: START making fun…?)

    • Yes, NY apples. I thought you encouraged me to take an apple when I was feeling less than stellar in Chicago. It’s all a blur.

      All the dances. All of them.

  4. This may be my favorite VillageQ image of all time!

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