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Research Subjects Needed for Project on Same-Sex Adoption This one came through my local queer parenting group…

  • Are you in a committed relationship?
  • Are you planning to adopt for the first time?
  • If so, we need your and your partner’s help!

The Transition to Adoptive Parenthood Project (TAPP) is aimed at exploring the transition to adoptive parenthood in same-sex parents. We are asking you to help us understand your experiences as you prepare to become, and then become, parents.

Your participation is very much needed and appreciated. Couples who participate in this project will be interviewed individually either in person or by phone during the pre-adoption period, and then again three months after adoption. As a token of appreciation, you will be paid for your participation in this project.

Please contact Dr. Abbie Goldberg for more information about the project, via phone at 508-793-7289, or by email,

Please read about this study & Dr. Goldberg’s other research on her website: Call us today – your participation makes a difference!


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  1. We’re participating in this research project. Abbie, the researcher, is great!

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