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Read to your kids in Spanish

There is a lot of chatter about inclusive stories for kids. While in school libraries in the US and Canada these books may be few and far between, they are much harder to track down in some other places (and in some other languages).
Gabi pointed out this amazing site where you can actually download stories for kids in Spanish. The page is called Stories for Diversity and is produced by the LGBT collective of Madrid, COGAM. According to Gabi, the majority of the .PDFs download without any problem.

I took a look at some of the stories and they are really very cute. Not to mention, some of them are simple enough for a parent with little Spanish to be able to read to her son or daughter.


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  1. From Schmitz Blitz:

    From Schmitz Blitz:

    Regarding Mitt Romney’s press release on gays:

    I don’t understand how the mere knowledge of the objective fact that gay couples exist is harmful to children or the institution of marriage as a whole. I suppose the logic could go that if children learn about gays at a younger age, there is a higher chance that they might actually recognize and accept them as human beings, rather than a threatening national political issue.

  2. I think that most speech and language pathologists would agree that reading or talking to children in a language other than one’s native language (or a language that one are completely fluent in) is just a bad idea. You want your kid to learn Spanish, hire a Spanish babysitter or get a Spanish CD with music and stories on it. Reading Spanish yourself will not teach the kid Spanish (or will teach the kid really bad Spanish full of mistakes in pronunciation.)

    Just my 2 cents.

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