Question: Am I Just Stingy?

Mason While I would have liked to herald my return to writing for Lesbian with a deeply heartfelt, moving piece, I’m still just too tired for that.  So instead I’ll ask a question.

Would you use a coupon on a first date?

This question was asked on queercents this week as part of their WWYD series.  To me, it seems like a non-issue: If I have a coupon I’ll use it.  If I’m not the one paying, I’d still offer it up.  I was surprised to see that most of the respondants (admittedly a small sample) said that they would not use a coupon on a first date.

This, to me, seems to take making a good impression too far.  What does it say about you that you would use a coupon on a first date?  And I’m not talking about planning your first date expressly so you can use a coupon, but hey, you’re going out, you happen to have a coupon for the place, why not use it?  So, I thought I’d ask the demographic of a different blog, this blog, to see if the answers differ.

So.  What would you do?  I’m curious now.  Would you use a coupon on a first date?  Why or why not?

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  1. Ha Ha – I am cheap. Not only would I use it I would likely say “Hey, wanna go here, I’ve got a COUPON!!!” If she’s not also cheap we aren’t a good match anyways. LOL!!!

  2. Nope. Hate coupons, never use ’em, therefore wouldn’t use one on the first date, or any other.

    And it’s NOT that I’m a spendthrift… I am actually quite miserly. I just resent companies making me break out my scissors. Scissors are for arts, crafts, and the occasional chicken breast. You wanna give me a break? Great. Just give me the damn break. Don’t make me jump through a hoop.

    Whew. I feel better now. Thanks so much for asking.

  3. I am not a hard-core coupon clipper, but I am always looking for a bargain, I rarely buy clothes at full-price, I generally skim the weekly store ad that comes in the mail, however, I would never use a coupon on a first date. It would probably have to wait until month 3, if that, of dating. I am generally reading into what the person I am on a date with says and does as an indication of who this person is, and I would be afraid that the use of a coupon would be interpreted as saying that I am a cheapskate, which I am not. I just enjoy saving money.

  4. I would definitely take the coupon along and try to use it if the situation didn’t feel awkward. I LOVE coupons.

    I’d probably have to throw in some sort of joke to smooth things over. Something like, “Hey, I’ve got this coupon which would make it like dessert was free.” Ok, so that’s not really a joke, but you see what I’m saying.

  5. Oh, and for the record… if my DATE had a coupon, I would think that showed forethought and cleverness.

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