Queer Voices on Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day on Sunday in the United States, and we want to tip our hats to all the VillageQ mothers out there. We hope that whatever you’re doing, you feel special doing it – even if it means that you have to make your own breakfast because your kids are too young to do it. And while the hat is already tipped, we’d like to throw in a nod to all of your mothers who love you and support you and do their very best.

Many of us here at VillageQ are big fans of the national movement, Listen To Your Mother. In 39 cities this year, Listen To Your Mother is a spoken word event that features local writer, story-tellers, moms and non-moms reading 5-minute, original pieces about motherhood.

What we love about Listen To Your Mother is what we love about VillageQ. We celebrate our families by telling our stories. And along the way, we find connection in the telling. Many of our contributors have produced and/or performed in Listen To Your Mother shows, and we wanted to share all of the readings with you today in honor of Mother’s Day.

It is essential that conversations around motherhood and fatherhood and parenthood include queer voices so that we are visible, not easily dismissed, feared, or dehumanized. The power of storytelling should never be underestimated. I encourage you all to keep telling YOUR stories – online, on stage, on paper, wherever you can. Your stories DO make a difference.

With that, I bring you buy Latuda online Listen To Your Mother: VillageQ Edition.







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