When your partner doesn’t blog

Like many of us (at least, I really hope I am not alone), I started blogging long before actually settling down. In criteria for a partner, “blogger” or “pro-blogging”, didn’t make the list.  Perhaps it should have!

My partner doesn’t blog. He makes no secret of the fact that not only does he not understand my compunction to blog (aren’t I busy enough anyway?), he also worries about privacy issues for our daughter. Truth be told, in regard to privacy issues, I am way more careful now. It is one thing to put myself out there but where are the lines in putting my family out there as well?

NaBloPoMo is one of those months where this issue always rears its head. Inevitably, my blogging has waned by then and I am longing for community. I agree to do it without discussion. Why bother when I know the response?  But about four days into the month, he notices and we argue. At the end of the month, however, I always feel more invigorated, more connected, more alive. I swear, blogging is my exercise and releases my endorphins.

Still, I do struggle. Which stories are mine to tell?  Where is the line between what is ours and what is mine?  Who decides?

Please feel free to leave any experiences or advice in the comments section.

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