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buy cheap prednisone People have asked how I am ordering all the newly listed blogs that I announce.  The simple truth is: I don’t.  I have a huge list of new blogs and I open pages at random.  Once I have 6-8 pages open, I poke around, read a bit, sometimes comment, and come up with some sort of explanation.  In all honesty, I spend more time poking around then I need to for the few sentences because each blog, and each family, is so unique and beautiful.  Don’t forget to look at the full blog directory.

Herewith, the next batch of freshly uploaded backlogged new blogs:

  • Solo Mama – Single lesbian mama to Evelyn Jean, born at home on February 8, 2013. 32-year-old American living in Canada. Join me on my adventures in single motherhood. 
  • Nerdy Apple – She reads, blogs, mothers three shorties, married a cop, has a bleeding heart and lives in the bible belt. Send help!  Actually, she is also a wonderful ally and a fabulous writer.  If you haven’t seen her blog, please do.
  • Seven Little Mexicans – Because funny things happen when two girls try to make a baby.
  • Mondays with Mac – My story is just your typical girl meets girl, girl marries girl, girls meet gay man on the internet to have a baby with, love at first email, gay fairytale for the digital age kinda story.
  • The Terrells Journey – The beginning of this blog was all about our journey of trying to conceive with so many funny stories that were too good not to write about. Then we were blessed to get pregnant in Feb of 2012 and I enjoyed blogging about my pregnancy. Which brings us to the present…now we are moving into parenthood together as she gets ready to start med school. Writing this blog is just a way for me to record everything in our journey. We both knew life together would be somewhat of a rollercoaster but had no idea how crazy it would be and I want to remember it all.
  • Bible Belt to Boulder – After living in Oklahoma for far too many years, my partner, Jo, and I decided to leave in search of community and a little freedom.  So, we’re relocating to Colorado.  With us, we are dragging the Divine Miss M, a somewhat disgruntled 11 year old who occasionally gets excited in spite of herself, two dogs and one very fat cat.
  • Wendryn Doubt – A bisexual woman happily married to a man, raising a wonderful little girl. Rambles on many subjects including family, adoption, food, writing, running, dogs, flying, and whatever else comes up.
  • I’m your Huckleberri – Just a lesbian mom and wedding consultant, looking to show people that life outside your bubble is no different than yours.
  • LesBeMums – Kate is 25 and lives with her wife (S) in Sussex near Brighton. When she’s not preparing herself for a baby or working, she loves all things geek. She also enjoys walks with the dog and cooking. S is 30 and lives with K (although she wishes she doesn’t sometimes)! When she isn’t busy working, she spends most of her time now researching for their up and coming bundle of joy (fingers crossed). Before this, she enjoyed (and still does) new gadgets – she’s a geek to the core – and home life.
  • We are 4 Equality – A SAHM of two chronicles life.

Stop by. Say hi. Be social.  Let them know that VillageQ (finally!) added them, and that we’re thrilled to have them onboard!

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