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Please Help Celeste and Sydney Jen, who’s been listing her blog here since last fall, blogs at Adventurous Moms. She’s also a teacher at Lowell High School in Middleessex County, Massachusetts, and she started an Outdoor Adventures club at the school with the hopes, she describes on her About page, of “connecting our urban students with the outdoors.”

Celeste_SydneyBostonOne of the students in that club is Sydney, one of among 200 survivors injured by the bomb blasts at the Boston Marathon on Tuesday.  The image of her being tended  by two strangers (one now identified) is among the several iconic ones defining the day (I won’t post it here, but here’s a link). Sydney sustained deep arterial injuries from the shrapnel, and her mother Celeste has had both legs amputated below the knee (their local paper’s coverage of them here).

Sydney’s second cousin started  the Celeste & Sydney Recovery Fund as a means to help the family manage the burdens of physical and psychological recovery in the months and years to come. For instance, to take the most mundane: home renovations to accommodate wheelchair and crutch users.  How much of this would be covered, effortlessly, by insurance? Or theraputic trips to movies with friends?  (We know the physical and emotional therapy would be. But anyone reconstructing their life in the wake of a trauma knows that what is covered by insurance and what heals you are often two very different things.)

So. Please consider Jen and her community an extended branch of your own family (that’s the whole dadgum idea behind this website, after all!), and go over and donate what you can to the Celeste & Sydney Recovery Fund. That’s’ where I’m going right now.

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