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Please help Boy Genius and his family

This is worth being the post that breaks the year-long silence at this website. Boy Genius, the beautiful child many of you will have read about at Reproducing Genius (they’ve been listed here since practically the outset of this site), was diagnosed with a rare, one-in-a-million form of leukemia last month.

He needs a bone marrow transplant, and his moms need your help.

Here’s the whole story in one post: “the day it all began.”  You can help with financial support to manage what healthcare doesn’t cover, and to bear the excessive additional burdens one has while fighting such a thing.

Olive, at Insert Metaphor (also listing her blog here since practically forever, meaning 2008), is a friend to the family, and wrote at her blog:

BG (Boy Genius) does have health insurance, but the financial burden on the family will be huge – the family is facing extended stays at the hospital, buying meals, parking, gas and covering extra medical expenses not included in insurance all on reduced income.


If you need an address to send a package or you live nearby the family and want to drop off food, please email me (insertmetaphor at gmail dot com) and I can provide that information and help coordinate.

Otherwise, we urge you go to this PayPal link, send them even the amount you’d spend on your kid at an unscheduled trip to the toy store, or at the zoo, and then keeping them in your thoughts, hearts, and prayers.


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