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Seriously? This may be my favorite picture in the whole album. And there are some great pictures there. We would love to include yours!

7 diverse loving hands blessing a pregnant belly

  1. This is beautiful!

  2. Yeah, but isn’t this from that NYT piece that persistently FAILED to include a lesbian perspective? Or have I completely lost it?

  3. You’re close, Shelley! LesbianDad ran it with her awesome response piece to the Orenstein NYT article on assisted reproduction & donor eggs/sperm:

    The picture is her beloved.

  4. Now that’s a sign of arrival! A picture I couple with a post is mistaken for a bona fide NYT staff photo. Now if only my letter to the editor — a vastly condensed version of that post — could have made the cut as a bona fide published letter. Tha “adoption” angle critique (they’ve trod that path, too) got the ink.

  5. That’s really beautiful.

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