UPDATE: Check out the Great Virtual Breast Fest in support of nursing moms, at the League of Maternal Justice. Tomorrow, 10/10, at 10am, they are having a virtual nurse-a-thon, and they also have a cool photo montage up at YouTube.

In recognition of Facebook’s poor decision that breastfeeding pictures are obscene, that’s the subject of today’s Photo of the Week:

nursing clementine at local gay pride event

  1. the amazing thing about this picture is I’m the non-lactating, non-bio parent! our baby has nursed on me on and off from the beginning and I’m so lucky to share this relationship with her!

    (it definitely helps when I’m alone w her during the day and she needs a nap!)

  2. oh, and thank you: for giving breastfeeding exposure (pun intended!) and for the kudos.


    four breasts = more comfort!

  3. Wow, Pamela! That’s amazing. Thanks for letting us include your picture in the Family Album!

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