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On traveling and eating your young

When Deborah and I were in Atlanta for SalonLGBTQ, we took some time to record several vlogs for your viewing pleasure.

In this vlog, we talk about what we miss about our kids when we travel and yes – we had to think about it for awhile to come up with something.

Not that we don’t love our kids because we do. We love them bushels and pecks and hugs around the necks and we never, ever think about eating our young.


Let us know what you miss most about your kids when you’re away from them or confess that you don’t miss them at all.

You are in a safe place. We promise.┬áIf you watch this video, you’ll have no doubts about that.


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  1. True story: I witnessed my very own pet hamster eat her young one time. They were definitely not funny.

  2. Dude. The internet ate my first comment! Does that mean it wasn’t very funny? Are my answers really all just annoying hamster babies?!?

  3. Am I the only one who googled hamster recipes and then decided against posting it lest people think I was weird.

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  5. Now I feel bad that we have a guinea pig. Is this, like, a “no substitutions” scenario?

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