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I’m Curious

obtrusively How do those of you who have two careers and babies/small children manage it? This has been the subject of some recent heated discussion in the art-sweet/pili household and after trying to organize my thoughts on the issue into a coherent post far too many times, I’ve decided to wimp […]

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What Will Boys Be?

In all my fantasies of having a child, I always imagined having a girl. A feisty, spunky, worm-loving, mud-puddle-hopping, pink-disdaining, peace-loving, punk-rock kind of girl, but still, a girl. As Galloping Cats noted in a comment oh so many moons ago… “i think it’s easier to work on bending gender […]


Have two, use none

Trista’s recent post about negotiating childbearing in a 2-uterus family reminded me so much of many of the conversations my wife, NSG, and I had the first few years we were together. Like Trista and Kristin, NSG and I wanted to adopt. And like Kristin, I really wanted to get […]

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A Belated Introduction

Did anyone else have days of the week underwear growing up? Every year I buy my partner-lover-sweetheart-wife dishtowels. One year I bought her days of the week dish towels. She has a thing about dish towels. I felt like the stereotypical bad husband, buying my wife dishtowels for Hanukkah Christmas […]

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First Steps…..On Family:

Webster’s Dictionary lists over 15 definitions for the word “family.”  My favorites are the following: 9. a group of related things or people 10. a group of people who are generally not blood relations but who share common attitudes, interests, or goals and, frequently, live together   While some of […]

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Deep Breath… and… PLUNGE! (take two)

I had the most fantastic introductory post written.  Really, it was a thing of beauty.  It started off with the sentences: “In June 2005, I was unemployed, overly isolated, incredibly depressed, and expecting a child with my partner, Kristin.  I’d been these things for quite a while as we had […]

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Go Vote!

A few weeks back, Mombian, Lesbian Dad, and I all posted about nominating lots of lesbian family blogs for the 2006 Weblog Awards. While I’m not familiar with any of the finalists in the Parenting Blog category, we did generate some attention! Please go vote for LesbianDad as BEST NEW […]


Updates! With Both Good and Bad News

First, the good news! Congratulations to Sarah & BB, who finally got to meet Nicholas Leander on November 18! Congratulations to Jillian, who gave birth to Elias on November 14! Congratulations to Anne and Melissa who welcomed Sophie on November 28! Congratulations to Mere and her family, who had Layne […]

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Announcement and Brief Update

Announcement! Tomorrow, Monday November 13, the 2006 Weblog Awards open for nominations! Mombian, Lesbian Dad and I have been discussing this for a few weeks, and we hope you’ll agree with our thought that it is time for us to REPRESENT in the parenting blog category! If each one of […]

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Congratulations to New Expectants, New Moms, and Other New Listings

Wheeeeee! I’m not sure which is more exciting — “I’m pregnant” or “The baby is finally here.” Both are wonderful. I think I’m especially giddy on the subject since two non-blogging real-life friends announced that they were pregnant today, and they’re due within days of one another. One couple is […]