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Mazel Tov, America!

When news of the SCOTUS decision legalizing same-sex marriage broke, I was with my three children on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, on a beach between Haifa and Acre. My oldest and youngest were bouncing giddily in the waves, which were choppier than usual. My middle son was marveling […]

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5 Things Queer Women Can Expect at Straight Conferences

Have you ever been the queer girl surrounded by sweater sets at an event? We have some advice for you.

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The Boy Scouts: Honor, Credo, or Oxymoron

The Boys Scouts of America flagrantly recruits hairless, prepubescent males into their uniform-wearing, male-bonding, rubbing-two-sticks-together-in-the-woods lifestyle.

Zoom Vacations Owner, Bryan Herb makes a few new friends in Africa
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Pop Culture Inspires Travel

The things that were popular during our childhoods affect our interests, spending habits, obsessions, and passions later in life

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News & Politics

The Vulnerability of Marriage Equality

These days, there seems to be an overabundance of cynicism, misinformation, and apathy when it comes to American politics. I often hear people—gays and gay allies included—claim that there’s no difference between the Democrats and Republicans, and I frequently see Facebook posts or comments suggesting the same. And they make […]

The Media and the Erasure of Queer Sexuality
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The Media and the Erasure of Queer Sexuality

What do roommates, friends, gal pals and fans have in common? They are all words that erase queer relationships.

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VillageQ Advice from Ms. Radcliffe: Fear of Four-Year-Old Fashionista

Dear Ms. Radcliffe, My wife and I have a 4-year-old son who has always preferred traditional girl toys to boy toys, girl clothes to boys. He loves pink, glitter, nail polish…the whole nine yards. He doesn’t say he wants to be a girl, but he does like to dress like […]

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Confessions of a Mother on the Other Side

I need to tell you something that may confuse, might offend, and could easily lead you to judge me harshly. But, I want to explain something to you from the perspective of a parent with older kids.

VillageQ Pride

VillageQ Pride

Let’s close out LGBT Pride Month with some beautiful pictures, shall we?

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VillageQ Community: On Divorcing and Finding Empathy

It’s challenging to be a blogger (and a person) going through a divorce. I don’t want to spew my bitterness all over or over-share, but I also resent the pressure to publicly do the “conscious uncoupling” thing.