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Shoe? Meet the Other Foot.

One of my favorite bloggers outside of the Lesbian Family blogosphere is Isabel, of Hola, Isabel. By simple description, we might be utterly different — she’s a churchgoing west-coaster whose husband is building their second house from scratch! I only recently became a regular churchgoer, live in the south, and […]

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*shocker* Lesbian Parents Just as Good as Straight Ones

Like Trista, I had hoped that my return to LF would be with a much longer and interesting post than this one, but alas, it is not. I did, however, want to share this tidbit from your neighbours to the North. A study, (commissioned back in 2003 when Canadians were […]

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Because I’m lazy, this post is, as usual, cross-posted over at Round is Funny.  [Background: When you decide on an open domestic adoption, one of the things you have to do is put together a family album (or profile) that describes who you are, your life, your community, your family, your […]

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The Desperate (Queer) Housewife

Let me tell you, I find it quite odd how exciting the words “Honey! I’m home!” have become for me in the past year. As many of you know, I have been home full time with my son, and will be heading back to work and school at the end […]

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Queering his Childhood

(just a quick note: this post was not inspired by Art’s recent post. I hesitate to post this as I feel it covers similar ground, but I think there may be a few other angles to discuss.) So tell me… Are you, as a lesbian parent/queer parent and parent to […]

An Order of Retail Therapy with a Side of Frustration
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An Order of Retail Therapy with a Side of Frustration

I have been meaning to write a review of Peggy Drexler’s Raising Boys Without Men, but I never seem to have the time.  So here’s some thoughts on a somewhat tangentially related topic…   In an ultimately futile attempt to distract myself from my most recent bout of adoption anxiety, I decided […]

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Film Flashback

A few months back, the three of us decided to attend a film and panel discussion, held at one of the local universities in our city. The film, entitled The Politics of the Heart (click for video) documents the fight for recognition of their familes by queer parents in Québec. […]

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A Starry Coverlet of Velvet Possibility

Someone suggested to me that I write this week on trying to have a sex life with my partner while raising a toddler. I think she thought this would be a hard thing to do. Not the writing about it, goodness knows I can write about sex as long as […]

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Black History Month

Well, I’m a week late, but Happy Black History Month! A former student of mine succinctly sums up my thoughts on the month. She writes, “Black History Month (BHM) became a bore for me a while ago, not just because of the regurgitated Marcus, Malcolm, Martin mantra, but because this […]

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Third-party reproduction

Melissa, aka The Town Criers, is starting a chapter on assisted reproduction for her book. She’s particularly interested in interviewing folks, among others,  who used assisted conception because they are in a same-sex relationship. If you’re up for talking to her, you can email her at and she’ll send you […]