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Logo! (And I don’t mean Gay TV)

bene What do you think of the new look??? S has been a huge help, and made the fabulous new banner that I think is just the right “branding” for She is still doing some very generous tweaking, but we are close to baked here, unless someone makes a great […]


you oughta be in pictures

Hi there, this is S and I’ll be hijacking the blog for a few paragraphs.  Some of you may know me from Babes in Blogland.  I am going to be helping Liza a little with getting this blog looking exactly the way she wants. We have set up a flickr group to […]

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Sad Update

Go give some love to Bri & Wes, who learned today — after 8 weeks of expecting — that the heartbeat is gone.


Still Experimenting

My plan is to install permalinks besides the “about” page in the blue band above the newest post, and to see if I can tweak the colors in this theme. You can’t tell, I don’t think, but this theme & plugin set is the only combo I’ve played with that […]


New Blog – Under Construction

This blog is going to grow up to be a portal for lesbian family blogs! If you would like to be included, please leave a comment including your URL and the category or categories in which your blog should be listed. Likewise, if I go out and find you and […]