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As you can see, the amazing and fabulous S has continued to make amazing improvements to the look and organization of this site. Here are the things yet to come, we hope: Easier blogroll navigation. Probably the links at the top will become the primary blogroll nav tool — you’ll […]


Updates to the Blogroll

More to come! But in case you aren’t reading these folks, check them out. New to Babies: Adventures in Albania 2 Girls, 1 Orca, 1 Pukelo A Mixed Up Family Audrey’s World Busy TarP BYO Baby Insane Animals MommyDaddies Peter’s Cross Station RAZ-ma-taz The Life & Times of Twin Mommies […]


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To showcase our beautiful and diverse families, this blog has an ever-changing Family Album feature in the right sidebar. Please join the Flickr group so we can include your family in the Family Album!

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Thanks to Art-Sweet & Trista, I learned that I was wrong, ClubMom has a lesbian blogger. What I truly don’t get is why her blog doesn’t come up when you search ClubMom for lesbian? And why ClubMom didn’t say to me “Uh, yeah. We have one, dumbass.” Or words to […]

News & Politics / News from the community

Another Reason I Started This

All the nice, airy-fairy reasons I said I created this are true — I think it’s important to help lesbian families find others in similar situations, and for the world to see how normal and how diverse our families are. But other than Jill telling me I should go do […]


Logo! (And I don’t mean Gay TV)

What do you think of the new look??? S has been a huge help, and made the fabulous new banner that I think is just the right “branding” for She is still doing some very generous tweaking, but we are close to baked here, unless someone makes a great […]


you oughta be in pictures

Hi there, this is S and I’ll be hijacking the blog for a few paragraphs.  Some of you may know me from Babes in Blogland.  I am going to be helping Liza a little with getting this blog looking exactly the way she wants. We have set up a flickr group to […]

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Sad Update

Go give some love to Bri & Wes, who learned today — after 8 weeks of expecting — that the heartbeat is gone.


Still Experimenting

My plan is to install permalinks besides the “about” page in the blue band above the newest post, and to see if I can tweak the colors in this theme. You can’t tell, I don’t think, but this theme & plugin set is the only combo I’ve played with that […]


New Blog – Under Construction

This blog is going to grow up to be a portal for lesbian family blogs! If you would like to be included, please leave a comment including your URL and the category or categories in which your blog should be listed. Likewise, if I go out and find you and […]