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Blogosphere Roll-Call: Women from Women’s Colleges?

buy prednisone 20mg tablets As a (former) student of the liberal arts, one of the constant phrases in my vocabulary is, “I have a theory about that….” Recently, I’ve had a couple of online conversations with other lesbian family bloggers, and it’s come up that several of us attended women’s colleges. So now I’m […]

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Another Victory, Belated

Way to go Georgia Court of Appeals! In King v Moses, which was handed down almost a month ago, Lambda Legal indicates the court found that: [T]he parent’s custody or visitation rights cannot be limited just because that parent is gay or lesbian, and lives with their partner, when there […]

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Go, Jersey! Go, Jersey! We won!!!

The New Jersey Supreme Court ruled that same sex couples are entitled to the same civil rights as opposite sex couples! However, they did give the NJ State Legislature 180 days to figure out how to do that, and from the news articles, appear to allow for the possibility of […]

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Send some love

Please send some love to LizardJee. Her baby daughter Jaeci died last week in the NICU, at 19 days old. They don’t yet know why. Jaeci is survived by her twin brother Jaxen and an older sister, as well as her moms, extended family and friends.


Lesbian Family Forums! In Partnership with Babes in Blogland!

Exciting news, lesbian moms, moms-to-be, and moms-determined-to-be! The amazing S., of Babes in Blogland, has hooked us up, and there are now forums. Take your TTC questions, your where should we move to legally adopt questions, your aieeeee my baby is teething questions, your need to vent about being […]

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New & High Profile!

Lesbian family blogosphere, please welcome Wall Street Journal reporter Kara Swisher, whose new blog, The Louie Chronicles, is a featured part of Arianna Huffington’s Fearless Voices series of blogs. The Louie Chronicles are named after Swisher’s 4 year old son and her own father, who passed away when she was […]

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Congratulations to New Expectants, New Moms, and Other New Listings

Wheeeeee! I’m not sure which is more exciting — “I’m pregnant” or “The baby is finally here.” Both are wonderful. I think I’m especially giddy on the subject since two non-blogging real-life friends announced that they were pregnant today, and they’re due within days of one another. One couple is […]

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Post Technical Difficulties

There were more changes, congratulations, and updates in the previous post, but somehow the post part was eaten by WordPress. I’m too tired to recreate it, and I think Noah is waking up. Suffice it to say that I wish Kwynne and her family luck and hope they come back […]

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Updates! Updates! And More Updates!

First, I have to give a BIG SHOUT OUT of a thank you to Artificially Sweetened, for sending over a wonderful list of approximately 20 blogs that should be listed here! Thanks, Art-Sweet! Please welcome: Olivia’s Journey (babies) Voyage Through Planned Motherhood (TTC) Lightning Seed (TTC) Plomise (TTC) Pronioia (TTC) […]


Updates and Inquiries

A few of you left comments asking to be included in additional categories, and special thanks to Sarah & BB for pointing out 3 bloggers who I’d left out of the Global Families category! Additionally, please welcome a few new blog, Jim, of Disciples from the Left (a sister blog […]