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Yay, Team! (Final Update)

buy isotretinoin in thailand is THRILLED to announce that we are now an ongoing TEAM EFFORT! Amazing and wonderful bloggers Polly, of LesbianDad, Trista, of An Accident of Hope, and Art-Sweet, of Artificially Sweetened, have all agreed to blog about lesbian family topics here as well as at their home blogs! UPDATE: The […]


Thanks, Arianna

The Huffington Post just added another lesbian family blogger! Please welcome Jennifer Gruskoff to the lesbian family blogosphere.


Updates! With Both Good and Bad News

First, the good news! Congratulations to Sarah & BB, who finally got to meet Nicholas Leander on November 18! Congratulations to Jillian, who gave birth to Elias on November 14! Congratulations to Anne and Melissa who welcomed Sophie on November 28! Congratulations to Mere and her family, who had Layne […]

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Increase in “Out of Wedlock” Births

Every news outlet that I’ve encountered in the last 24 hours has mentioned the story, from the National Center on Health Statistics, that in 2005, the rate of “out of wedlock” births in the US hit an all-time high. Most also mention that this doesn’t mean teenagers are having more […]

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More Jersey Good News

Thanks, Kwynne, for pointing out the story that lesbian parents in New Jersey will now both be listed on their babies’ birth certificates. Mombian recommends that New Jersey moms follow the advice that the National Center for Lesbian Rights gave to California moms who both appear on the birth certificate. […]

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Thanks, South Africa!

Yesterday, the South African parliament overwhelmingly passed a bill legalizing same-sex marriage! Already one of the most progressive governments in the world, with gay and lesbian civil rights protected in the constitution, South Africa has taken that last step to full equality with this act. One of my favorite comments […]

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Announcement and Brief Update

Announcement! Tomorrow, Monday November 13, the 2006 Weblog Awards open for nominations! Mombian, Lesbian Dad and I have been discussing this for a few weeks, and we hope you’ll agree with our thought that it is time for us to REPRESENT in the parenting blog category! If each one of […]

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More Election Thoughts

It turns out that in at least some cases, the right wing strategy of putting anti-gay initatives on the ballot in order to generate conservative voter turnout, is backfiring! Wisconsin is one of the states that had an anti-gay initiative on the ballot. Students at many of the UW System […]

The Election, Mixed Results
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The Election, Mixed Results

First of all, let’s give a great big shout out to the people of Arizona, shall we? Thanks for being the first state to reject a ballot initiative imposing a ban on gay marriage! And we also have to celebrate the defeat of uber-homophobe Rick Santorum in Pennsylvania. Thanks, people […]

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Don’t Forget to Go Vote!

Please! Take the baby. Take the donor. Haul the bedresting mama in via wheelchair if you forgot to get her an absentee ballot. This is ESPECIALLY important if you live in Wisconsin, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, or Virginia, where there are anti-gay initiatives on the ballot. […]