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Living in a Class Bubble

Merritt Island I spent several hours composing a letter to Heather Poe.  As I wrote it I got angrier and angrier (not at Heather Poe per se, but at the entire situation) and by the time it was finished I was fuming.  I asked Kristin to read the letter before I posted […]

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First Steps…..On Family:

Webster’s Dictionary lists over 15 definitions for the word “family.”  My favorites are the following: 9. a group of related things or people 10. a group of people who are generally not blood relations but who share common attitudes, interests, or goals and, frequently, live together   While some of […]

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LesbianDad Needs Your Help

All week, LesbianDad has been neck and neck with a very conservative group blog* in the “Best New Blog” category of the 2006 Weblog Awards. Yesterday, a lot of their supporters took a turn for the seriously nasty. Here are a few samples of their comments about LesbianDad: “Looks the […]


Note on Comment Moderation

I have comment moderation enabled on this blog, mostly to deal with fairly putrid comment spam. I will try to get in and approve substantive comments a couple of times per day, but please be patient! 🙂 And please keep commenting!

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Who’s his real mom?

Trista is a hard act to follow, but I have to start somewhere. When Liza invited me to join the team over here at lesbian family dot org, I was both flattered and panicked. What would I write about? Did I have anything new to add to the conversation about […]

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Brief Update

Please welcome 2 new blogs to the blogroll, Judecorp., who are expecting and right now trying very very hard not to miscarry with some medical issues. Send them good luck! Also, Conception Misconception are new to the TTC blogroll. Wish them luck too.

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Call for Papers

Hi all! I am working on an introductory post (trying to follow the amazing one written by Trista!) but I wanted to make sure I sent this around before the deadline. CALL FOR PAPERS Demeter Press is seeking submissions for an edited collection on QUEER PARENTING Publication Date: Fall, 2008 […]


That’ll Teach Me

I have a severe allergy to absolutes, and my friends who have known me for a long time know that I have actually done every single thing I have ever publicly declared that I would never do. Mostly I’ve learned my lesson, but apparently not online. I should have known […]

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Deep Breath… and… PLUNGE! (take two)

I had the most fantastic introductory post written.  Really, it was a thing of beauty.  It started off with the sentences: “In June 2005, I was unemployed, overly isolated, incredibly depressed, and expecting a child with my partner, Kristin.  I’d been these things for quite a while as we had […]

Go Vote!
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Go Vote!

A few weeks back, Mombian, Lesbian Dad, and I all posted about nominating lots of lesbian family blogs for the 2006 Weblog Awards. While I’m not familiar with any of the finalists in the Parenting Blog category, we did generate some attention! Please go vote for LesbianDad as BEST NEW […]