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Get your own life/Anatomy of a marriage ban
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Get your own life/Anatomy of a marriage ban

Machagai Today, legislators in my home state are meeting for the purpose of deciding whether to send up a ballot initiative that would let the citizens vote on whether same-sex marriage should be legal. So far, what I wrote could apply to – I think it’s 38 these days? – states. But […]

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Weekend Reading: The Absent Edition

If Blue Ox can report from space, you’d think that I could manage a post with a toddler-leech who keeps poking me in the eye to let me know that I do, indeed, have an eye.  You know, just in case I forgot. But I can’t.  I’ve been working one-handed for an […]



Things are a changin’ in the online lesbian family (and friends) world. First, a big welcome to baby Mia! HD went into labour on the 25th, and baby arrived on the 26th! Go see pictures, she’s super cute! Congrats to Gretch and Jen (of Butterbeans and Baby Dreams) and Carey […]

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We Could All Go to Belgium

A couple of weeks ago, I got an interesting note from a Belgian blogger with a facinating statistic: More than 50% of the adoptions in Flanders (part of Belgium) were by same-sex couples! They theorize that this number will drop off once couples with older children “catch up” on legalizing […]


Family Vacation

We will be out of commission from Thursday until probably Tuesday. The main impact that will have on you is that I may not be able to approve comments that get caught as “maybe spam.” Here’s how to improve your chances of a comment posting, if you are a newbie, […]

An open letter to the outgoing governor
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An open letter to the outgoing governor

Dear Governor Romney: I was thrilled to read today about your strong opposition to discrimination against gays and lesbians, despite your continued opposition to same-sex marriage in the very state you govern. Where do I start? The marriage thing isn’t a big deal. The rights that my partner and I have […]

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Expanding Your Family of Two

The thing about being a “family of two” is this little fact, more eloquently expressed by Marcus, a twelve year old who is the main character in Nick Hornby’s novel, “About a boy.” After living through his mother’s failed suicide attempt, Marcus laments the fact that his family is only […]

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Good Intentions

I meant to post my first Weekend Reading round-up-like-thingie post this Saturday. Unfortunately, things came up. This is a hard season to try an add something new to your schedule. I promise, though, soon soon I will get it going. In the meantime, nothing stopping you from clicking around the […]

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Last Push for Votes — We NEED ’em!

If you’ve already been out there voting for LesbianDad and for me, Thank You! Please vote for us one last time! Both of us are in tight races as we approach the last 24 hours. Right now, LesbianDad is close-but-losing to a very conservative group blog. And right now, I’m […]

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Racializing the family: developing Anti-Oppression parenting philosophies

I have to tell you, writing this first post has been quite a challenge. I’ve been on a no sleep marathon thanks to the arrival of pearly whites in the mouth of our 8 month old. I’m suffering from post-partum brain fog – “honey, can you get me the thingamajiggy […]