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One lesbian mom on One Big Happy

Elisha Cuthbert will star in the comedy pilot for NBC called inexpressibly One Big Happy. Elisha plays Lizzy the Lesbian, not to be confused with this Lizzy the Lesbian.

Lizzy is trying to conceive with her straight male friend and roommate, Luke (2 Broke Girls’ Nick Zano).  Lizzy gets pregnant, and Luke gets married – to some woman who is not Lizzy…because Lizzy is a lesbian.

Ellen DeGeneres is the co-executive producer along with Jeff Kleeman. Kleeman runs DeGeneres’s production company, A Very Good Production. Liz Feldman is writing the pilot script, and that alone inspires me to watch and root for the show.  ‘Member these days:

Also more women writers! I want women comedy writers to write smart, funny shows. Come on, Liz Feldman!! And then there’s Ellen. Yeah, ok, she’s an executive producer, but it’s Liz’s work (not Lizzy’s work or Lizzy the Lesbian’s work) that I want to see.

Will NBC pick up the series? Well how the hell should I know that? But more importantly, if NBC does pick up the pilot, will everyone at One Big Happy have learned from previous missteps?

NBC aired Will & Grace, which of course was a huge hit and, some would argue, changed the way the nation talked about gays. They went on to air The New Normal, a show built completely on snarky one-liners. Glee and Downton Abbey understand that snark is a tangy seasoning meant to bring out the overall flavor of the meal but without overpowering the character arcs and plot development. Alas, The New Normal over-spiced. Then there was Sean Saves the World, which is living its denouement as we speak. In Sean’s case, a few strong cast members were not enough to carry the show. And, in trying to make a show about a gay parent that skirted around gay parenting, they missed the opportunity to be the Will & Grace for queer families.

So what do we hope for One Big Happy? I’m already skeptical about the fact that the main characters are a single lesbian and a straight man who are potentially co-parenting. That sounds pretty straight to me. My concern is that in an effort to show how very unexciting being a gay parent is, the show will be just as unexciting. And Baby-Daddy Luke is straight-married, which adds yet another mainstream safety net for this supposed gay comedy. My hope is that this is the one, the show that takes the viewing public to the next level, laughing all the way there.


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  1. I am cautiously optimistic.

    • I’d love to dream…but if Ellen and Liz let me down, I will be so very sad. Let’s hope it makes it past pilot season at least.

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