On Celebrating Moms (and Holidays) It seems like we’re in constant flux at our house, in regards to where we stand on celebrating holidays and, as I mentioned previously in my post on Valentine’s Day, feeling rather overwhelmed with the amount of celebrating we’re to do.

Now, don’t get me wrong. This is not an attack on Mother’s Day. I love my mother, and appreciate everything she does and has done for me. I love my child, and hope that, some day, she’ll appreciate her moms. And I realize that days set aside to celebrate our loved ones aren’t the same as the growing trend of awareness, but I sort of feel like I’ve hit a wall. Already in May, I’ve been told that it’s Skin Cancer Awareness month, Mental Health Awareness Month, Jewish American Heritage Month, Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, National Military Appreciation Month, Drinking Water Month, and even National Masturbation Month! Let’s all get down with our bad selves!

There doesn’t seem to be room for one more card, cake, or treat.

I know I’m a mom. My wife and child know I’m a mom. I know I have a mom. And a step-mom. And they know I love them. I may or may not succeed at showing them this year-round, but if I don’t, then is a card and some flowers going to make a difference? Or do I need a card and some flowers to let me know I’m loved?

Do I feel like I need a day set aside to say that I’m fabulous for having been finally able to get pregnant, and carry out the biological process of growing and giving birth to a human? Honestly, after the struggles we had trying to get and stay pregnant, it feels more than a little uncomfortable to me.

I know that, for a lot of people, these celebrations are important. The reasons for celebrating are tied up in not just parenting roles, but identity. And I don’t want to demean or diminish that. But for me, if anything, the celebrations end up feeling forced and overwhelming.

Mothers’ Day is this coming Sunday. Why  wait? Let your mom (or your co-parent) know you love her today.



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