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Does this new navbar make us look phat?

can u buy neurontin online remodelsceneYou know you are lost to the geekery of website design when redoing the internal page structure and navigation are cause for a thrilling announcement.  And yet! All outward-facing signposts also indicate real internal things, and so too does our spanking-new navigational bar layout indicate an evolution in our focus.

Last July, we rolled out this website’s relaunch as VillageQ: where queer meets family. We met as a group at the end of that summer and envisioned everything we wanted to see at this place.  Huge post-it notes filled a cool office space, and we saw our future in all its glory. Since then, we’ve been been building up our internal infrastructure, recruiting new contributors, and readying ourself to showcase a wider range of content.  Our goal: shine a light on the whole range of concerns and interests LGBTQ families have, from media watching to news analysis, travel to food to expert advice.

To that end, today, we’re rolling out our new content-driven navigational bar to feature that content. You’ll still be able to find all the blogs listed under the Blog Directory, and you can find your way to adding your blog via a link at any of the listings pages, as well as a list your blog in our directory link over there in the sidebar. Likewise you’ll be able to let us know if you have any original content to share by that other submit an original post! link in the sidebar. Otherwise, up top, it’s all the post content that’s highlighted.

Our new site map goes a little something like this:

  • Community
    • Featured blogs
    • Guest blog posts
    • News from the community
    • Portraits
  • Culture
    • Books
    • Celebrities
    • Entertainment
    • Food
    • Media
    • Travel
  • Family
    • Extended family
    • Family building
    • Kids
    • Parenting
    • School
  • Life
    • Advice
    • Ask an expert
    • Finances
    • Grief & loss
    • Sex & relationships
    • Spirituality & religion
  • News & Politics

We have our past site content sorted into these categories, and where the offerings are thinner, you’ll be seeing an increasing focus in the coming weeks and months.

And stay tuned! We’ll be introducing new contributors, as well as a few more design tweaks in the days and weeks to come.  New year,  new VQ!

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  1. So excited for this! Can’t wait to show off our new contributors and bring a variety of content to VQ!

  2. Thanks guys! What a surprise for a Monday morning!

  3. If we build it, they will come. And they already have! Stand by for content from new contributors and links to new blogs in our directory!

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