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New Additions: Proof That Families Come in Every Shape and Size

individually 1280px-END_firesJust when you think you have reached the end of the internet, a whole new batch of blogs for the VillageQ directory pops up! I love seeing the snippets of people’s lives. Whether I visit once or keep going back, our growing repository of blogs is proof that families come in every shape and size and that is a wonderfully comforting feeling.

Below you’ll find a few of our new additions and a little about them…

  • My Dad’s Closet: “My gay father was born in 1918 so my story is mostly about the past, his brief period of being openly gay in Hollywood and Los Angeles in the late 1930s, his arrest in 1940 for being gay, and his decision to go back into the closet (for the most part) for the rest of his life. He and my mother were married for 64 years and had four children. My mother found out he was gay in 1957 but they stayed married until she died in 2006. He came out to me in 1975, when I was 24. He died in 2008. I’m writing a memoir about growing up in the 1950s and 60s as the child of a closeted gay father.”
  • Impossibly Royal: “The LadyKing, Ruler of Kingdom. Lover of Baseball. Buff of History. The LadyKing rules over the kingdom with an iron fist and plenty of organic finger snacks.”
  • Our Sesame Seed: “I have spent the last bunch of years of my life on a self-healing journey, recovering from the effects of childhood abuse, learning to live with depression, and learning how to love myself and others. Now, I find myself married to the most wonderful man, and in love with the world. I am so grateful to be beginning the adventure of motherhood, and I am documenting this journey for myself and my baby.”
  • Living a bold life: Kelly has a gender creative kid as part of her beautiful family. Don’t believe me on the beautiful… check out the blog. Her photos are lovely as is her recent promise to capture more of the everyday moments. 
  • MidlifeNatalie:  “I’m a Christian who, after many years of questioning, finally admitted to myself that I was gay in 2008. I needed a home where I could tell family stories, share my struggle, and be me. Welcome to my journey.”

Don’t be shy now!  Stop by the above blogs and leave a message saying that VillageQ sent you.


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