As you can see, the amazing and fabulous S has continued to make amazing improvements to the look and organization of this site.

Here are the things yet to come, we hope:

  • Easier blogroll navigation. Probably the links at the top will become the primary blogroll nav tool — you’ll click on “expecting” or “trying” or whatever you want, and that will take you to a regularly updated page with those links.
  • More cool blogroll navigation. Ideally, we’ll also keep the categories on the side, but they won’t show blogs until you mouseover or click. So you won’t have to scroll down 8 feet of screen to find something.
  • Linky love & buttons — stuff you can grab and put on your site to link to, if you want.
  • Ongoing tweaking and updating. 🙂 🙂 🙂
  • Oh yeah, and as always, new blogs. And categories, as needed. I’M ESPECIALLY LOOKING FOR BLOGS FOR THE EMPTY CATEGORIES ON THE SIDEBAR.

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